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Zen garden

 I don't have pictures yet but I will definitely be back to visit soon for more pictures. Also- the food is definitely a bit overpriced for sure. 

red velvet cake

Easily the best thing on the menu. Everyone I introduce to this cake falls in love with it, and so far none of them have been vegan. I haven't been able to try other desserts here yet because my boyfriend and my best friend always insist on getting this. 9.5/10

chicken drumstick

This is my second favorite thing on the menu. The chicken drumsticks are crispy and savory. The dipping sauce is sweet and compliments the chicken very nicely. This is the other item I always get while visiting.

zen sampler

This is a great way to try a bunch of items at once. I just don't like how every item in the sampler is fried, it made me feel kind of gross to eat so much fried food. It comes with vegan fried shrimp, spring rolls, soy chicken drumsticks, and chicken nuggets. Overall I liked everything it had to offer. 8/10

peking duck

The vegan Peking duck comes along with greens in a bao bun. The sauce on the duck was pretty sweet and bao buns are also traditionally a little sweet so I wish there was more of a contrast to the sweet flavor. Overall this was not bad though 7.3/10 

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