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What I've tried so far...


Caeser salad

Oh my gosh, this was delicious. Seriously could not believe it was vegan. My non-vegan mom tasted it and she even thought they accidentally gave me the vegetarian version because the dressing was so rich. I added some mock chicken for protein and it was really necessary since the salad didn't have a wide variety of textures in it. This is the one and only vegan Ceaser salad I've tried and liked, it was also very filling. I'm gonna give it an 8.7/10 I definitely recommend this salad.


strawberry shortcake jar

I was super excited when I saw this in the dessert showcase. The creme isn't as flavorful as I would like. It would definitely benefit from a stronger vanilla flavor or simply subbing the cream out for their vegan whipped cream which is much better and lighter. The cake and strawberries were delicious, I just wish the dessert consisted more of the cake rather than the cream. This wasn't my favorite dessert so I'm gonna give it a 5/10. 


COCONUT cream pie jar

I love coconut cream pie but after writing this review and the strawberry shortcake jar review, I think Witches Brew would benefit from keeping their desserts out of jars because it's always too much cream (that's what she said). This cream was very sweet and honestly pretty delicious, I loved the coconut flavor. However, since it was so sweet, it was just too much. If they fixed the cake-to-frosting ratio, this dessert would be perfect. The little moon on top was perfect! 6.5/10


hazelnut Cappucino with  vegan whipped cream

Honestly, so far I don't care for their iced coffee. I used to make cappucinos myself when I worked at a gelato restaurant so I love a good cappucino. Their coffee tasted a bit sour and didnt mix well with the soy milk. I always love the vegan whipped cream so no complaints with that. Also- I got the sugar free hazelnut syrup so not sure if that makes a difference. Hopefully I can try their hot coffees soon and maybe they'll be better. 4/10


hoisin brussel sprouts

These are my moms absolute favorite thing on the menu. They are a bit sweet and very very flavorful. Definitely one of the best veggie side dishes I've tried in general. 8.3/10


butternut & sage gnocchi

Honestly, I'm pretty biased on this one because I simply dont like gnocchi. It's too soft for my taste, I'd like it if it was a bit crispier. Not my favorite but ive heard other people like this dish. 6/10 

IMG_0297 2_edited.png

banana cream pie

I loved the pie crust and whipped cream on top but the inside was too banana-y. Maybe I just dont like banana cream pie. I hate to put two biased reviews in a row but here we are. This is also not the best picture in the world. 5.6/10

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