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The purple elephant

Thai elephant wings

I misread the menu and thought these would be vegan chicken wings in a Thai peanut ginger sauce. They turned out to be fried cauliflower and I was surprised by how much I liked these because I don't usually care for cauliflower wings. These were really good, my family loved them too. The yuzu aioli sauce on the side was super flavorful as well. I was eating this dish on my own and I got tired of it after a while because of how heavy it was so I definitely recommend sharing this. 8.5/10.



These are probably the best vegan nachos I've had in a while. They had vegan cheese, pico de gallo, and refried beans. The refried beans were absolutely delicious. I loved this dish, the flavors matched so perfectly. I just which they put the toppings on more of the middle chips. 9/10

gong bao "beef" tacos

We got two different types of tacos, these were the ones I liked less. The soy beef was delicious and slightly sweet. The tacos also came with Thai Ginger Aioli, Scallions, Cucumber, And Kimchee On Corn Tortillas. I honestly didn't really like the sweet meat with the super tangy kimchee, it needed a more savory component. 7/10.


Hickory BBQ "Carnitas"

These were the tacos I liked better. I couldn't stop eating the soy pork, even after I was extremely full. The aioli complimented the meat and avocado so nicely. They were $20 which is expensive for two tacos but they are bigger than they look in the picture plus they come with a side salad. The dish consists of BBQ "Pork", Sautéed Onion, Avocado, Organic Baby Greens, Pico, And Chipotle Mayo On Corn Tortillas. I absolutely recommend this one. 9/10


This horchata was pretty sweet but absolutely delicious. It tasted like cinnamon toast crunch. Horchata is a Mexican drink that consists of rice milk, sugar, and cinnamon. I definitely recommend trying it out! 8/10.


Peruvian "beef" empanadas

I was most excited about these because I love empanadas. They look delicious, however, these were not my favorite. These empanadas consisted of organic Soy "Beef," Black Beans, Dried Blueberries, Corn, Peas, and Carrots. They are served with Creamy Avocado Sauce. The sauce on the side was not very flavorful and I wish the empanadas had a more beefy flavor. Being Colombian myself, these were probably the worst empanadas I've tried. I'm going to give them a 5/10. 

coconut custard brulee

I haven't had creme brulee in years so I was very excited to try this dessert. The coconut custard was very coconutty and was served cold. It was a good dessert, nothing amazing. 7/10.

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