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Sarin thai

This restaurant is not a vegan restaurant, it has various meat and seafood dishes along with a few great vegan options. Everything I've tried here has been delicious plus it's reasonably priced.

tofu tod

The Tofu Tod is an appetizer that consists of big chunks of fried tofu served with a delicious side sauce. The sauce is a spicy peanut sauce. Personally, I cant handle a lot of spice and the sauce didn't bother me at all. 


sauteed delight 

I haven't gotten a picture of this entree yet but it's amazing. It comes with rice, sauteed vegetables, and tofu. You can either get your tofu steamed or fried, get it fried obviously. This dish is so flavorful with a sauce on it that I can't quite explain. A strong 9/10.

gang puck

I was a little scared to try this at first because I was worried it'd be too spicy. I asked for less spice and it was so amazing I would lick the plate if I could. This is a red curry with vegetables, tofu, and coconut milk. I also got my tofu fried in this dish. They have won my heart with this, it's so delicious. 9.5/10

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