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Planta Vegan Protein

Updated: Aug 1, 2022

When I went to the vitamin shoppe, the workers told me this was the most popular out of all the vegan proteins. FIFTY DOLLARS. I am one cheap girl so that really turned me away and I bought a different cheaper protein that I ended up bringing back. So I caved and got the planta protein. It’s vanilla cupcake flavored, has 20 grams of protein, has 25 servings,

and comes with little sprinkles in it. Overall, yeah it’s definitely a good vegan protein. I absolutely love the sprinkles. Is it worth the price? Ehhh… Maybe if you got it like that but in 19 so I sadly do not got it like that. It comes with a tonnn of vitamins and I genuinely enjoy drinking it. However, I have tried a better vegan protein that was wayyy cheaper.. half the price! Even though it doesn’t have as many vitamins, Im gonna stick with the cheaper one for now. Im glad I tried it and they have a bunch of other flavors that sound delicious.


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