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Updated: Aug 1, 2022

Today, I'm trying a new protein powder. It's by the brand Natreve and it's their 'mooless' line. What's interesting about this plant-based protein is that it is an animal-free whey protein, which I've never heard of before. Despite being vegan, it's not suitable for those with dairy allergies which confused me at first. This is because its whey protein is made through science, using no animals. It's a very sustainable, environmentally friendly brand, which is a plus. It has 100 calories and 20 grams of protein which is pretty good. So far, I've tried the vanilla cupcake flavor and the strawberry shortcake. The strawberry shortcake was by far the better flavor, probably one of the best proteins I've ever had. The vanilla cupcake just doesn't do it for me. I used unsweetened almond milk and they mixed perfectly- no clumps! Overall, I would recommend giving these a try.


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