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iron tea pot dim sum

The best dumplings I've tried so far in L.A. and the only vegan soup dumplings I could find!

Mushroom, Tofu, Wood ear & Veggie Xiao Long Bao

These soup dumplings were amazing. I love adding a little chili oil and soy sauce along with the ginger. Eating these are definitely instant serotonin for me. Plus, the color is natural, it comes from beet root. 9/10.


fried rice mochi with vegan ham and shiitake mushrooms

This was sooo good as well. You get three of them but they're pretty filling. The fried mochi is warm, crunchy, and sweet while the meat inside is savory. I absolutely loved this. Sadly, I didn't get a picture of this one. 9/10.

Little duckling baos

These dessert buns are fluffy and perfect if you like your desserts not overly sweet. They're filled with red bean paste and are absolutely the cutest dessert. My family loved these, I definitely recommend giving them a try. 8/10.


fried jumbo vegan shrimp

These vegan shrimps came with a chili creamy garlic sauce and sweet and sour sauce. These were solid fried shrimps, they didn't taste exactly like shrimp but they were still good. They weren't my favorite menu item and I probably wouldn't order them again because I don't like fried foods. 6/10.

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