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These nachos came with chorizo, refried beans, habanero queso, salsa verde, and sour cream. We added guacamole which was an upcharge of 3 dollars which I think is a little ridiculous because nachos should always come with guacamole. These had a little kick but nothing too crazy. I love that there was a good amount of chorizo because the protein filled me up. I don't usually see corn on top of nachos but I appreciated it. Overall, pretty solid nachos.


My piece of constructive criticism: I wish there were more of the refried beans because they were so delicious. I also wish there was a mild chunky salsa on top because the dish needed some tomatoes to balance out the queso!



coconut leche pie

This dish consisted of cashews, almonds, vanilla, and dates. Honestly, this dish lacked dimension! The whole thing was mushy and consisted of one flavor which got tiring halfway through. It was really good with the coconut whipped cream it came with but it ran out quickly. The whipped cream was absolutely amazing, especially with the cacao nibs.

My constructive criticism: If they call it a pie, I'm going to need some crispy pie crust. I think that would definitely add the dimension the pie was lacking.



matcha y coconut cocktail

This drink was strong. I didn't taste anything besides a hint of matcha and straight tequila. A good restaurant knows how to make strong drinks that taste good and this was just a bit too strong for me. I am a little biased though because I'm not a tequila girl at all so that might also be what turned me off.


My piece of constructive criticism: I wish the cream of coconut was sweetened before it was added to the cocktail. I think that would bring out the flavor of the coconut and better mask the tequila.



mezcal mushroom street tacos

I got two tacos instead of three because at this point, I was already absolutely stuffed. The dish consisted of mushrooms, beet & paprika tortilla, green cabbage, pico de Gallo, and sour cream. I am a huge mushroom girl so I was excited for these. I was honestly pretty disappointed with the lack of flavor. They tasted like they weren't seasoned at all. 

My piece of constructive criticism: The mushrooms should be sautéed in vegan butter, salt, onion, and garlic. That would be a great way to bring out their flavor. 


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