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Rock n roots

100% Vegan!

breakfast burrito

I got their normal burrito which comes with rice, beans, pico de gallo, lettuce, guacamole, and aioli. To make it a breakfast burrito, I added Just Egg and vegan bacon. The two add ons are expensive but definitely a must for the flavor and protein aspects of the burrito. This burrito was absolutely massive and kept me full the whole day. I couldn't finish it until a few hours later! This makes the price (17 dollars) a bit more worth it. The only piece of constructive criticism I have is that I wish the beans were seasoned. Other then that, it was delicious. The bacon was smoky and satisfying. 8.5/10.


bacon egg and cheese

This was about 13 dollars which isn't ludicrous and it was massive as well. The cheese was melty and super flavorful with the aioli. My boyfriend ordered this without the tomatoes and ketchup (which I would have loved but it was his sandwich) and it was still very good. It was super filling, he was definitely fighting to finish it. Although he felt super full after, he still didn't feel gross or greasy. Overall, another great option! 8.7/10/.

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