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herbie burger

crispy oyster mushroom sandwich

The sandwhich comes with pickles, herbie sauce, and cabbage slaw on a vegan brioche bun. This sandwhich is absolutely delicious. My non-vegan friend said this was better than anything at shake shack. This is an absolute must try!


cheese fries

This is the ultimate comfort meal, it would be nearly impossible to tell this apart from regular cheese fries. The cheese sauce was absolutely delicious, I don't usually perfer a thick cut fry but it was perfect with the sauce. 

herbie burger

 This is their signature burger, they took a different approach rather than using a processed burger which is great for vegans trying to eat more whole foods. it’s a mushroom and black bean patty which has a pretty smoky, meaty taste to it. The melted cheddar definitely complements the patty perfectly and the brioche bun was so delicious. I dipped this in their vegan ranch and it was perfect.



Their corn doesn't taste like authentic elote. However, it does taste like really well seasoned corn. These were very very good, jut not elote.  

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