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true food kitchen

True Food Kitchen is a healthy restaurant with many locations around the United States. It's not 100% vegan but it has a lot of vegan options. The menu changes with the seasons and the fall menu is my personal favorite. 


Horchata matcha

 I am definitely an avid matcha drinker and I love horchata so I was super excited about this drink. This matcha was pretty good but I couldn't really understand why they named it horchata matcha. It's a vanilla matcha with a little bit of cinnamon. Despite the disappointment over the name, this was still pretty good. It comes with oat milk so it's a bit creamy. 8/10.


summer mango tart

This was delicious! I absolutely loved the whipped cream on top. I'm not a big fan of sour desserts but this wasn't too sour, it was honestly the perfect mixture of a little tangy but mostly sweet. The blueberries also added a lot of dimension to the flavor profile. The only thing I could say is that I wish it had real pie crust because the crust tasted exactly like a Larabar molded into the shape of pie crust. 8.5/10 


summer corn soup

No one in my family really liked this. I was expecting a creamy sweet corn soup but it was the complete opposite. I was super excited because I absolutely love corn but the soup was very thin and weirdly spicy. The spice would hit the back of our throats with every bite. 4/10. 

IMG_0096 2_edited.jpg

spinach and mushroom pizza

I always get spinach and mushroom pizzas when I'm out so I died when I saw this. However, compared to their butternut squash pizza, this is so mediocre. I will literally start a petition for them to carry the butternut squash pizza all year round because this does not even come close. The vegan ricotta tastes like nothing. This flavor profile is seriously lacking. I think if they sautéed the mushrooms and more seasoning, it would be a lot better. When mushrooms are sauteed right, they're like little bombs of flavor. 6/10.


charred cauliflower

This dish consisted of tahini, dates, dill, mint, and pistachio. In my opinion, the only add-on that really elevated the dish was the pistachios. This dish was good but I probably wouldn't order it again since I didn't find it amazing. I feel like the description was literally all they added to it, no extra seasonings. It lacked dimension. I think a little fresh lemon would've definitely helped. The tahini was super heavy on top and some lemon juice could've helped cut through that. Still, this was not bad so I give it a 6/10.

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