planta queen

udon noodles

These noodles consisted of thick udon noodles, truffle mushroom cream, mushrooms, and truffle shavings. This dish is so creamy and savory, I've never had a dish like it. They did not skimp on the truffle flavor, so if truffles arent your thing, I wouldn't recommend this dish. I love mushrooms and truffles so this was right up my alley. This dish was $25 dollars so it was a bit pricier. I definitely recommend trying these noodles out though. 8/10.


ahi watermelon nigiri

I've never had vegan nigiri before so I didn't really know what to expect with this dish. It was slightly sweet but didn't taste like watermelon. However, it didn't taste like fish either, I wish they used a vegan dish sauce. The rice had a nice sushi rice flavor and I thought the ginger on top was a great addition. The watermelon is dehydrated in soy sauce so it still had a bit of a savory flavor. This dish was $6.50. 7.8/10.