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The vegoist

butternut squash salad

The butternut squash salad consists of spinach, onion, tomato, butternut squash, apple, capers, vegan feta, avocado, and walnuts. The vegan feta blew everyone in my party's mind. My non-vegan dad even said, "if this cheese is vegan, I'm going vegan!" I genuinely did not believe it was vegan due to the taste and smell. This salad was actually pretty filling and the waitress told me it was popular. If you're a salad person, I'd recommend this.


Hazelnut praline cheesecake

I have been avoiding writing this review because the waitress was so nice but in the end, I am an honest reviewer. This was genuinely the worst dessert I've ordered in my life. It wasn't creamy, it was weirdly bready. It kind of tasted like it was old and the moisture had come out. the chocolate layer was thick and bitter. The praline cream was good but it tasted like icing, which normally does not belong on a cheesecake. There were also no hazelnuts present in this dish. 

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