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The Lindenhurst diner

This diner isn't 100% vegan but they have a vegan menu that's a few pages long which is insane. They also have cool deals like if you post them on social media, you get a free shot. Take the reviews I left with a grain of salt because I went on such chaotic night and they seemed to be severely understaffed. One waiter seemed to be running the whole place. Hopefully I can go back soon to give them another try.

Cinnamon swirl pancake

These pancakes came with vegan icing and they were supposed to come with vegan butter as well but there was none on the side. The dish consisted of two huge pancakes that my boyfriend and I shared for dessert, they were pretty filling. We were both excited for these pancakes but agreed they were kind of underwhelming and mediocre. I wish they were a bit fluffier and more moist. They had a flavor of cinnamon toast crunch which was good but the texture was not great. 6.7/10


Buffalo chick'n wrap

The buffalo chicken wrap was supposed to come with vegan buffalo chicken, lettuce, tomato, cheese sauce, and ranch. Instead, it came with a cold slice of vegan cheddar and no ranch? I still devoured the whole thing because we waited 20 minutes for a table which was my fault for not calling before. The wrap needed the vegan ranch for sure because the flavor profile was lacking. The fries were flavorful, I just didn't finish them because I was saving up for dessert. 6.9/10

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