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beyond sushi

Everything is 100% vegan!

fried chick'n bao

This dish consisted of buttermilk fried chick'n, gochujang, ginger, sesame oil, dark soy, pickled red onions, scallions, and toasted sesame. This was pretty spicy for my taste, I wish there were some type of cream sauce on the bao to balance out the spice. The fried chicken had a delicate crunch and it hit the same spot buffalo wings do. 7/10 because the spice made it hard to enjoy.

IMG_0618 2.HEIC

lavender lychee martini

I absolutely love lychee martinis so this was great. The lavender wasn't super noticeable but left a very subtle floral undertone. It was pretty sweet which I love, I just wish they put a real lychee fruit at the bottom like other places do. 7.8/10

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