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Fuel your body cafe

My mom is a health nut and she loves this place. They carry vegan and whey protein for smoothies as well as many types of fresh juices which I haven't taken pictures of yet. My favorite smoothie is the Nutty Banana with almond milk and vegan vanilla protein.

The vegan chicken sandwich

The picture does not do this sandwich justice. I got it on a whole wheat roll and the vegan chicken was breaded. This is a solid sandwich! The only thing to perfect it would be if it was possible to add vegan mayo and get the sandwich toasted. 8.7/10


"just" egg sandwich

The "Just" Egg Sandwich consists of vegan egg, sausage, and mozzarella. This sandwich is pretty flavorless which is sad because I love Just Egg and I use it in sandwiches all the time at home, it's usually delicious. However, due to a lack of seasoning and quality ingredients, the sandwich was bland. 3/10

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