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dan modern chinese


salt and pepper tofu

This is a great appetizer. The tofu come with a crispy exterior and a soft interior. They're topped with green onion, fried garlic, salt, and pepper. These are a great savory and flavorful protein option that anyone would enjoy.


The garlic green beans

A pretty good vegetable side dish to get with your food. My friend told me these taste exactly like the ones at Din Tai Fung which is another very popular restaurant in LA. Overall not the best green beans I've tried in my life but not bad. 7/10


crispy vegtable dumplings

For your dumplings, you may choose between steamed or pan fried. If you opt for pan fried dumplings, you can get them slightly crispy or crispy. I got them crispy which has a thin cripsy bottom layer, I'm pretty sure these cost extra but these are definitely the best in my opinion. The dumpling itself can be a bit more flavorful. Not my favorite dumpling in LA but I'm glad this place has vegan options because my friends are obsessed with it. 7/10

slightly crispy vegtable dumplings

I definitely prefer the crispy dumplings over these. The dipping sauce is good but also not my favorite. Maybe a chili oil would be better with this dish. 6/10


garlic bok choy 

This was definitely the star of the show in my opinion. Im sad I didn't get a better picture but it was really good and had a lot of flavor. I prefer these over the green beans for sure. 8.7/10

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