Whether you're an individual posting recipes online, or a company promoting vegan products, I believe that I can help you. As a former brand manager, content creator, author, and Psychologist, I have a unique skill set... and as an anonymous freelancer, the feedback you gain will be insightful and honest. Veganism is an incredibly important cause, and I believe that it deserves the absolute best representation.

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Product Tasting

Created a product, but want a second opinion? Send over a sample! In addition to providing reviews regarding the taste, I can offer insight regarding the aesthetic, and what you could do to elevate the dish. My partner is a meat-eater, so there is also chance to understand the perspective of a different audience.

Recipe Testing

Developed a recipe, but not sure if and how it translates to the everyday kitchen? Let us give it a go! In my home there is a a fully-equipped kitchen, so I can try out the recipe and give comprehensive feedback regarding the process. Things that are trivial to the professional chef, can be perplexing and even dangerous for the novice!

Restaurant Critic

Want to know what your average diner experiences? Get in touch. My anonymity means that your staff won't recognise me as a critic, and the review will be representative, honest, and valuable as a result. These reviews are the whole package - encompassing thoughtful feedback about the staff, the interior, the atmosphere, and more.


To retain my anonymity, feedback will be provided to you in written format. Said feedback will not be shared (on my public blog or elsewhere) unless you wish for this to happen. 

If you require help outside of my base services or location, I still encourage you to get in touch. I am open-minded with regards to new projects and collaborations!


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